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Robin Green's home page


(2005/08/25) My homepage is now a wiki - publicly viewable, but only editable by me. Mainly because it's slightly more convenient to edit it this way.








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The work I'm doing at university and my research interests in computer scienceCommercial and free services offeredSoftware and other projects I'm working on at the momentThings I likeFriends, comrades and interesting peopleSaving the world, one step at a timeStuff that's otherwise uncategorized




I am a new postgraduate student at UCD in the School of Computer Science and Informatics. My supervisors are Dr Joe Kiniry and Prof Paddy Nixon.


My research interests include formal methods and writing programming languages that don't suck. Criteria for not sucking include, but are not limited to:

  • they must be practical
  • they must reduce the need for boilerplate as far as is practicable (which excludes Java)
  • they must be readable (which excludes K)
  • they must have easily-understandable performance properties (not a problem for the most popular programming languages, but excludes Haskell)
  • and, last but not least... they must allow integrated formal specs (excludes nearly all implemented, in-use programming languages except Omega, Epigram and possibly Ada).


Commercial and free services


I offer:

  • IT consulting services
  • Private tuition in computer science, algebra or calculus, either online or offline
  • Jabber, email and web hosting
  • Cheap or free server hosting for potentially arbitrary applications (I have root access and I support Java - though not JBoss, which is a resource pig). If you are interested in sharing a virtual Linux server with me at minimal or no cost, contact me and explain your ideas.


Current projects


Epigram wiki - A wiki for the new programming language Epigram


Interesting-looking stuff that I want to investigate further


These are links that I've only given a cursory glance, but which I'm probably going to come back to later, newest additions at the top.


  • abc - Alternate implementation of the AspectJ language extension to Java, implemented by folks at ox.ac.uk and elsewhere based on existing components (different ones to what AspectJ uses).


  • Black Dog - Pint-sized linux server with integrated biometric scanner


Free Software That Rocks


  • Fedora Core Linux
  • Eclipse - Multi-language cross-platform integrated development
  • KPDF - PDF viewer. Not a glamorous task, but an essential one.
  • Azureus - Excellent BitTorrent client
  • Psi - Uses the Jabber protocol so you can chat to people using iChat, Google Talk, MSN, AIM...
  • XChat - IRC client


Free Software That Almost But Not Quite Rocks


  • SessionSaver - Firefox extension that saves all useful session state, automatically, at very frequent intervals, and restores it exactly. Doesn't work correctly with forms yet, so it might submit a form twice (which is very bad behaviour!)

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