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Formal methods people


Dana N Xu - PhD student at Cambridge, working on ESC/Haskell

"Smerdyakov" - Adam Chlipala - author of papers such as: "A Certified Type-Preserving Compiler from Lambda Calculus to Assembly Language"

"rgrig" - Radu Grigore - PhD student here at UCD

"liyang" - Liyang Hu - PhD student at Nottingham, working on Software Transactional Memory

Katerina Barone-Adesi - undergraduate student at Universita della Svizzera Italiana





Lion Kimbro

Pablo Stafforini


Interesting people


(in order of addition to the list, newest first)


Conor Mcbride

Mattis Manzel

"Phillipa_" - Philippa Cowderoy


More to come later...

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