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Political group weblogs which I write for:


  • Long Road to Paradise - Comments on politics and current events from a vegan transhumanist socialist perspective. This is a new one which I founded.


  • Cyborg Democracy - A collaborative blog for democratic transhumanists, nanosocialists, revolutionary singularitarians, non-anthropocentric personhood theorists, radical futurists, leftist extropians, bioutopians and biopunks, socialist-feminist cyborgs, transgenders, body modifiers, basic income advocates, world federalists, agents of the Culture and the Cassini Division, Viridians and technoGaians - transmitting a sexy, high-tech vision of a radically democratic future


Bizarre (and very minor) claim to fame


When I started listing anti-Monsanto sites as an editor at the Open Directory Project, I was (without my knowledge) featured in a Powerpoint presentation to Monsanto executives made by a public relations company: Scary. (The picture isn't actually of me though!)

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